With Alfex

I hope you all had a great Christmas day! I ate so much that I am sure I could survive 3 months without food. If that is the case for you, please let me know so I know that I am not on my own.

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of timing. I feel like everything in life has it’s own timing in life. When I met M. it was the perfect timing for our relationship to grow slowly from friendship into love. We lived in different countries and the time tested our commitment to each other over the years.


is something invisible but so important. It can break or make you. I learned over the years that being on time doesn’t simply mean ‘being on time’. It shows respect towards the person waiting for you and it shows self discipline. M. had a major role in me understanding this because he is always on time and in the past I often wasn’t. At first I couldn’t understand why for him it was so important but when he explained the underlaying meaning of it, I suddenly understood. Now watches are my best friends.  I like timeless pieces that I can wear with everything like this Alfex watch. Quality is important to me and I think Swiss watches represent it perfectly. Throughout the years, watches became my favorite jewelry that accompany me in my day and evening outfits. I like to experiment with looks and sizes which can transform an outfit drastically. This watch in particular is my ‘all outfit’ watch, it is so versatile and the leather strap and simple design shouts chic to me.

How do you wear your watches? Do you wear them by themselves or with other bracelets?

hugo boss dress veil beanie and latex watch hugo boss dress veil beanie and latex watch hugo boss dress veil beanie and latex watch hugo boss dress veil beanie and latex watch

Dress- Hugo Boss Orange

Tights- Calvin Klein

Shoes- Topshop

Hat- asos

Watch- leaftime Alfex