Hey guys!

The weather was so great on the day of the shoot that I had to wear this simple jean jacket. It is a classic. I have two in my collection and I love throwing them on for a more structured look. For me the best jean jacket can be found in thrift shops because they look a bit worn and I personally don’t like the perfect blue jean look and they are also cheap, which doesn’t hurt 🙂 Right?

This week has been a week of breaking out of procrastination and it was so hard. Do you know that feeling? I had this essay to write, one of four so I said to myself: Come on you have to start this week so that there is at least one week for each essay until you have to hand it in. In my mind I was ready, but next morning I cleaned the house, I did grocery shopping, I convinced myself I HAVE TO do the laundry. Can anyone relate? I did everything, even useful things (or so I told myself), but not the essay.

Writing essays is something I dread, when I think of all the word I need to write it overwhelms me. Exams are easy. But essays…. No way. Planning, doing secondary reading, quoting, analyzing… Too much, too much. And afterwards, nobody reads it, it gets thrown into rubbish and everyone forgets about it. About hours of work and we are left with a grade. A number, so inadequate to all the work, making all the students a homogeneous group. Anyway, I did it finally, with heavy heart, I sat down and conquered it! The feeling afterwards couldn’t be better. So for any of you who are procrastinating right now. I know it is hard, but do what you have to do so you can actually feel better. Get it done!


Have a great weekend!

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