It is fair to say that iphone apps make our lives a lot easier. Being on the go, it is much easier to go into an app than go to Safari, type in your passwords etc. I myself use a lot of them because they are so convenient. This is when I thought you might love to hear about some of these. These are my 5 top iphone apps every blogger needs to know. I know that a lot of my readers are bloggers too, so I hope you like them.


  1. Snapseed- Before my photos go on Instagram they are always edited here. This app is amazing for achieving this white background that everyone wants, so instagramable! Thanks to the brush option you can just add exposure to your photo’s background, making it white. This is super useful if you don’t want to overexpose the subject in the photo.
  2. Pages- This app makes it easy to manage your site page on facebook. You can check your statistics on the go and post. I like that I can check my pages without going online on my personal account. We all know how easy it is to get distracted when you work with social media 🙂 I have recently reached 1k followers there too, so there is one more reason for me to like this app.
  3. Instagram- Do I need to say more? It is such a source of inspiration. I use it everyday to catch up on all of my favourite bloggers, their outfits and where they are. I love how I can interact with my audience on there too!
  4. Google Analytics- Super cool and easy app! I check it everyday to analyse where my blog traffic comes from and to know which blog posts you like and which you don’t. It is interesting to see where most of my readers come from etc. At the moment it is USA. Thumbs up for all of my American readers 🙂
  5. Periscope- I am so happy I downloaded this app a while back. I can see more and more bloggers on there such as HRH and Mimi Ikonn. I don’t think it is that well known in Europe but it just might be the next big thing. I love getting inspired by other bloggers on there and ask questions in real life.

I would be interested to see what are some of your favourite apps. Leave me a comment so we can all share 🙂