Hi loves!

As you have probably seen in this post and on my instagram (thestyleventure), I have been curling my hair a lot recently. All of this thanks to the new curling wand that has 8 barrels  and gives me great versatility! I have been contacted by the Irresistible Me team and was given a chance to test out their product. I am not the person that does complicated braid on their hair. I am usually super laid back and in real life you would probably see me in a high bun. Just because I don’t blow out my hair, and it doesn’t look too impressive. I must say that since I have this product in my life, it is super quick to get my hair looking highly presentable.

Some of the advantages of this tool are that it heats up very fast, I can adjust the temperature, ( it has both Fahrenheit and Celsius settings). It comes with a beautiful faux-leather packaging for all the barrels that makes it easy to store. I also like how they give you a hair tool stand so that you can put your curler down without burning your floor or table. It also comes with a glove that prevents the burns. Thanks to 8 barrels, I am excited everyday to try different curls. I must say that trying a hair curler without the clasp makes a huge difference. It is easier and quicker to curl hair. Also the technology that they use means every curl is smooth and looks almost moisturised with conditioner. Overall, I truly love it. The only thing that I would change is probably the colour of the handle. It would be cool if they had a couple of colours to choose from because blue is a rather personal preference.

Would you be willing to try it out? Do you like the curls?

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Check out the curler here