If you have been following me for a while you know that I have moved to Norway from Paris a couple of months back. It was a huge change but just what M. and me needed. For the last 2 years we lived in city centres in Leeds and later Paris. I always thought I was a city kid but after living that lifestyle for two years I was done. M felt the same way and what better place than Norway. We had many friends here anyway so it was an easy decision. The lifestyle here is so different. Life is just more balanced. That’s why I love it.

Moving from Paris my sense of fashion was also challenged. Suddenly, I needed more warm clothes, and my fur coats were no longer acceptable on mountain walks. Norwegians say that there is no such thing as bad weather but bad clothes. This is why my Norwegian friends were looking at me with a smile when I went sledging. I really tried to make the most of my clothes but they had the real gear whereas I just tried layering as much as I could. This is when they told me about Devold of Norway, the company that specialises in warm, light wear clothing that is perfect for snow sports. The Norwegians feel proud of this brand and what it stands for and no wonder why. I was lucky enough to visit their first factory as the whole brand originated near me. Their clothes are from Merino wool which is just such a gift of nature. I know what you may think. Wool equals itching. But no! This wool does not itch because of its quality. It is also supper warm, even the leggings which look thin, they are actually super warm. I also feel like I don’t want to compromise how I look when wearing warm clothes. I still want to look nice and not like a stuffed teddy:) For that reason I just love Devold. I can feel fashionable while being warm. Finally I am geared up for Norwegian winter and although I am not giving up my eyeliner and heels anytime soon, I can feel equipped for mountain walks when it is needed. Actually, this sweater I am going to wear everywhere too just because it is such a versatile piece.

Shop the look:

Sweater: here, leggings here , socks here, gloves here, hat here

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