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Hi lovelies, It is November already! I can’t believe it. The time flies. Anyway, I have been living in Norway for 11 months now and when I first arrived the big question for me was: Where do I shop? In my city there is a H&M and… that’s about it. There are some boutiques but what ends up happening is that everyone wears the same things! It is not even a joke. Stutterheim raincoat, a LV never full and a Holzweiler scarf.

So you arrived in Norway. You are used to European shopping conditions and you end up in a little Norwegian village. What do you do? I researched the whole internet and found something eventually. I think what I learned can help some of you and those who love Norwegian or Scandinavian fashion can check these websites out! I really want the comments section under this post to be like a community helping each other out, so if you know about any great shopping destinations let us know. I might even add them into the post.

Where to shop?

  1. YME– This super fancy Oslo based store is great to visit, but you can shop online there too! This is best news! It has awesome brands like Valentino, MSGM or A. P. C. It has a mix of Scandinavian as well as international brands and with very high custom import taxes in Norway your best option is to order your high end goods within Norway.
  2. Nelly– More of a lower end online boutique with trendy fun pieces. It is more marketed towards the younger audience but you can style the pieces any way you want from them. If you are looking for fast fashion and affordable prices. Voila!
  3.– Free shipping never hurt nobody right? Yes, Zalando is in Norway and has an array of different brands from Filippa K. to Lee. Shopping heaven right there and at least you get a chance to wear something different than everyone else.
  4.– Typical scandinavian brands under one roof. A paradise for a Scandinavian style junkie. You will find brands like DAY or Tiger of Sweden.
  5.– For beauty and makeup you will find some brands at Kicks but only the very basic and limited array. For more fun makeup like glitter or metallic lip as well as a wider array of cosmetics check out