Firstly, how awesome is this bomber? I actually didn’t own a bomber until now because I wanted a Zara one and they sold out. Since then nothing came close to my ideal bomber. This one is pink, I never wear pink but somehow this I like this one so much. It has a very cool V detail at the back. I don’t know if it is supposed to but it reminds me of the word ‘Victory’ and I feel like it encourages me to be victorious in the sense of having victory over fear and anxiety in my life. Is it ridiculous? I know it is really deep. The word victory is such a powerful word for me and it is nice to wear something that has a meaning. As I love this bomber so much I got a discount code for you.  15% discount for all IVYREVEL stuff with the code THESTYLEVENTURE15 until the end of December and free shipping on all orders.

Wow, I am looking at the calendar now and I can’t believe that it is almost Christmas! Haha, well, for some people it might feel like Christmas is in ages. M. always laughs at me because I just round up days to weeks so that I think that something that I am waiting for is sooner than it really is:) I am going home for Christmas to England on the 20th and I am so excited since I haven’t been home in more than a year. I actually can’t believe it. M. and me are going to vlog parts of our trip so subscribe to our youtube vlogging channel to stay up to date.

Bomber HERE // 15% off and free shipping with the code THESTYLEVENTURE15