This Morphe palette is an all time Youtuber favourite. When it comes in stock it quickly sells out every time. So, I always wondered, what is so special about it?

Through the years I was afraid of oranges on my eyes and thought I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. It was also part due to the fact that when I got matched for foundation in stores, the makeup artists always told me I had a pink undertone which means a cool palette of colours would suit me. Probably because people with blonde hair and blue eyes are usually cool toned. I believed them, since… they were professionals, right? It turns out no. Cool tones never looked quite right on me and I discovered I was actually a warm toned girl with yellow undertones in my skin! EUREKA! For some of you, this talk may be too technical, sorry. Overall, what I am trying to say is that finding out this news last year gave me the freedom to try makeup that actually fits my skin. Orange lipsticks actually suit me, who knew! I was always told to stay away from them. Also warm tones like this Morphe palette are what the dreams are made of.


I got this palette for Christmas and immediately started playing with it. It comes with 35 pans of eyeshadows. Both matte and shimmery. Also, it costs merely £23.50 or cheaper which is an insanely good price compared to how many colours you get.

Now for the colour pay off. I am used to using Urban Decay shadows which are phenomenal, so I wasn’t expecting too much from these. (especially for the price) However, I was surprised how beautiful the shadows are. It is true that you need a bit more shadow to put an opaque layer on your eye which means more time spent on your makeup. Let’s remember though, how cheap this palette is and the colours blend beautifully, there is not much fall out and look at this orange on my eyes. Isn’t it vibrant? You can build up the colours to be really intense, no problem.

In my opinion, this Morphe 350 palette is worth the hype! You can do so many looks with it and for a warm tones shadow lover, this is truly amazing.

What do you think? Do you like this Morphe palette? Can you recommend other Morphe products I should try out?





-shade selection


-no fallout



-no mirror

-less opaque than high end shadows

-more time consuming to build up shadows