If you follow me on instagram (@thestyleventure), you know that I have purchased my first ever designer good from Gucci on my trip to London. To be honest, the thought of going into a designer boutique like Gucci or Chanel always scared me a little bit because often it can be intimidating. First I was trying on some belts and the girl that was helping me was shaking when she was helping me. I just felt so bad for her because I am just a human, like her. I could see that she was young and probably the first month in her new job so I was trying to make her feel comfortable. The truth is that people are just people and we are all the same, those who have a lot of money and those who don’t. Sometimes it feels like there is this barrier and separation of those who are good enough to go to such a boutique and those who are not. I just really dislike that.

Anyway, next I went upstair to try on some shoes and the girl that was helping me there was so nice. She was just normal, no sir no madam. That is what I liked and it made me comfortable to shop there. I didn’t feel like I was being judged for what I was wearing or how long I was spending on picking the shoes. I am not a person that spends money easily so I spent 2 hours trying on shoes and finally picked these lovely ones. I am so happy and so glad that I was able to save up for them. It took me ages, but it feels good when you wait for a special purchase for a long time and work hard to get there.

What are you saving up for now? What is your experience of such boutiques? Is it intimidating for you too? Don’t you think Gucci has made such a huge come back. I love everything they come out with.


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