Hi my lovelies!

As you have seen in my previous post here you know that I love sunglasses because I can finally wear them now with my lenses. Each time I wear them, I appreciate that because for such a long time I could only wear my prescription glasses. I also have very sensitive eyes because of the fact I wear contact lenses so wearing a good pair of sun protection is a must for me. That is why I am willing to splurge on a more expensive pair like these Celine ones. Not only are they a great outfit statement, they also have a certified protective glass that actually works and is not only for show.

When I realised M. has never had proper sunglasses in his entire life I was shocked! He has never even though about why he needed them and mocked me that these ‘proper’ sunglasses as I call them don’t really work better than the ones he has. Well… It took only 2 seconds to change his mind as I handed him my sunglasses. He was shocked how different his eyes felt. The word he used was, relieved. His eyes could actually rest in the sun.

For our upcoming trip I wanted to gift him the gift of protected eyes and hand him his first ever sunglasses that work 🙂 He clearly loves them, (you can see him wear them in our vlogs all the time).


So where to shop for those more expensive sunglasses? I would recommend SmartBuyGlasses without hesitation. It is true that this post is sponsored by them but I seriously like their website. Why? Firstly, the amount of brands they have. They have so many brands and styles that everyone can find something for themselves. Also, they have amazing sales on and I saved 1000NOK on my Celines! That is a seriously good deal. Also, their website is genuine, no fakes, and for me safety online is important. Oh, and they ship internationally and have their website in many languages.

Here are a few of my favourite sunglasses from their website


I hope you liked seeing M. in this post. It was so fun to see him on the other side of the camera.