Happy Monday friends! I was never brave enough to wear jean on jean but I actually love it and I am going to wear it more and more!

Today I want to share something with you. I want to give myself a challenge this new year and maybe we can do it together.

Let me start by saying. I am a shy person, an introverted person by nature. Most of the time I embrace it but sometimes it really bothers me when people think that I am just a dumb blond without any opinion or personality just because I am an introvert and… a woman. They think it just because I wait for someone to ask my opinion and don’t blurt it out as soon as the conversation starts. I usually let M. express his opinion first and that is not because I am weak, but I choose to show my respect to him that way. I am definitely not just arm candy! When in a group of people, it is hard for me to be quick enough to start speaking before somebody else does. It might be funny for some of you, but this is actually a fact. When people speak fast it is really hard for me to keep up. This is not because I am stupid, it is because I am an introvert. So I just want to say, don’t underestimate introverts.

This is where I come to the challenge part of my post. I challenge myself and us to express our opinions more. We need to those who are too polite to express theirs to speak up. Especially with what is going on in the world now. Let’s stop people treating us introverted women like arm candy. Let’s speak up with wisdom and depth because I know it is in you, like it is in me.