So the time has come for my hair reveal. I took some pictures to show you just how natural the dye looks like. For the first time that I was dyeing my hair I wanted to do highlights and just make my hair a bit lighter. It was a lovely process and since I did it in Poland it was so much cheaper. I had a great experience and although I was super scared to do it, now I cannot wait to do it again. My hairdresser knew what she was doing and I felt safe. This was super important to me. The dye is well blended into my hair for which I am super grateful. If you ever want to dye your hair I would whole heartedly recommend Kamila from the Stoppel salon in the Zielone Arkady mall in Bydgoszcz. She is a genius!

I didn’t think to take pictures for before and after but I tried to find photos to compare. What do you think? Is anyone of you a hair dyeing virgin like me?