Hi my lovelies!

I have been looking for what you have been liking on my blog and I have noticed that one of the posts that keeps coming up again and again is the Touche Eclat Foundation from YSL review. Since that one was so popular I am doing another foundation review because… well, foundations are kind of my obsession. Srsly.

Today we are reviewing the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation concentrate. I bought mine in a shade too dark. Funny story, it was the right shade on the box but inside the foundation was the next shade up! I bought it on my trip to Stockholm and there is no Sephora in Norway so I couldn’t exchange it. That’s why I add my whitening drops each time I use this foundation. They do not change the consistency or wear time of the foundation though. I wore it on its own just to check 🙂



Shade range.

This foundation comes in 22 colours. That seems ok, but for me there is no real match. The lightest shade is too pink and the next one up is too dark already. Ideally I would mix the shade 10 and 12 together but that would mean about £74 for a foudation. No thanks.


The packaging is the biggest down side for me. I am really careful with putting the dropper back into the bottle but it takes only 1 mistake to make the foundation go everywhere! I actually spent 1 hour washing the dropper and the neck of the bottle because I couldn’t take it anymore. I lost huge amounts of products and it was damn hard to get the bottle clean as the product is so incredibly pigmented. Please Marc, can you change the packaging already?


Now onto the good. I know I started with the bad, but I actually like this foundation. When it says, it is full coverage, it really is. I aprreciate that it does what it claims to do. Many foundation claim the full coverage status but not many actually deliver. You need only a small amount of product to cover the whole face. Moreover, the foundation is serum like, lightweight. This is surprising considering how much coverage it gives.


It has a soft matte finish. It looks semi natural but not super makeup like either. It doesn’t cling to my dry patches too much.

How it wears?

This is not a foundation that you put on and go. It needs to be blended and then set with a powder. Powder is a must. On days that I didn’t set it with a powder it would crease and settle into fine lines. I don’t have oily skin but even on me it would do that. With a powder it all of this is avoided. Another thing worth mentioning is that this baby transfers like none’s business. Again, powder resolves that problem. Set it with a setting spray at the end just to make the skin look less powdery afterwards. With these steps it lasts pretty well and gives you a flawless coverage.


This is one of my favourite full coverage foundations so far. It is so lightweight and beautiful on the skin. The other thing I like about this is that I don’t need to use concealer to spot conceal with this. There is something special about it. Even though there is a healthy amount of downsides of this foundation on paper, I still love it and I would purchase another bottle. Strange? Maybe. Just try it.


        Without foundation                         Half with foundation