Here comes another segment of Scandinavian beauty brands you should know. This time it is a Swedish skincare line founded by Emma Wiklund and Nora Larssen. Emma is a famous Swedish actress, model and TV host and she is all about natural beauty. The brand emulates that. The packaging is simple and clean. The products don’t ‘faff around’. They do what they say on the box.






I have to say that out of all the brands I have reviewed so far this one impressed me the most. I even followed the brand on instagram 🙂 It is not the most expensive brand I have reviewed, it is not even the one with the nicest, most extravagant packaging. By no means is it cheap, that is not what I am saying. However, it is what is inside that counts right? This is where this brand really shines. The products work amazingly and I am sold.



The treatment enzyme peel– This simple mask with AHA and BHA acids is an easy quick fix. You are supposed to leave it on for, wait for it…. 1 minute! Even the laziest of us can spare 1 minute for a mask. That is why I love it so much. When I don’t have time to treat myself and I can see my skin needs a boost of radiance, my pores are a bit clogged and breakouts are forming I just put on this mask. It gets rid of dullness and exfoliates my flakey skin. I am nearly running out and I only had it for about 2 months and that is because I use it so much. The thing is… a lot of women are scared of chemical peels but this one is gentle and only takes 1 minute. It is accessible and easy. For everyday busy woman.

The overnight repair mask– Firstly, it smells amazing! It is a gentle smell similar to a SPA. Secondly it works magic while you sleep. It is not sticky so you can sleep without worrying it will stain your sheets. The formula is liquidy and cream like. To get the full benefits of it you have to massage it into your skin until it feels impossible to rub it anymore. I found that when I do it, it really changes how the product works. Each time I put it on when I wake up I can visibly see my skin has a more even skin tone and my skin feels tight and nourished. Funnily enough even my spots calm down and are less red. It is one bad ass product.

The candle– It is one of the most intense smelling candles that I have encountered. It is similar to the Diptique candles for sure but for a much cheaper price. I only needed to light it for 30min for the smell to be strong in the whole apartment. I love this scent. It is slightly sweet but also deep. It smells complex and expensive and I have one sensitive nose, let me tell you 🙂 Judging by this candle I would love their perfumes too.

The combo of these products is all you need in terms of masks in your routine. I am so excited to try the oxygen mask from Emma S. next since I tested it on my hand in the store and it seems amazing! Sorry, I can’t find anything wrong with this brand and you know I would tell you if I did. The only thing I can think of is that I would suggest to change the packaging on the overnight mask since it is so liquidy and a bit too much can come out at once.


I will be repurchasing these for sure and because I love them so much I bought one for you to win. All you need to do it to enter the giveaway on my instagram HERE to get the overnight repair mask.