Hi my lovelies!

I haven’t seen you on the blog lately and there is a reason for that. I am currently focusing a bit more on instagram because I have to put more energy into the medium that gives me the most opportunities and sadly it is instgram and not the blog. I guess people want to read less and less. I still love blogging though and I will try to post at least twice a week. I like getting personal with you guys.

In this post I want to share with you my experience with Romwe. I wanted to test it out for the longest time since a lot of bloggers work with Romwe and the prices there are quite low. I was wondering if it was a great place to shop for basics because let’s face it. Who want’s to spend €80 on a white tee? I purchased this white tee with a palm tree and the boyfriend jean jacket, I also have cut off denim shorts but since it is 8 degrees I don’t think I will have a chance to wear them. The shipping was easy and swift. No more than a couple of days. The clothes were nicely packed. I really like the loose fit of the jacket and how light it is for a jean jacket. The only problem I have with it is the smell. It smells just really strong and jeanny. It must be from the dye. I washed it but the smell is still there. After wearing it for a day it started going away, but man… I am sensitive to smells and it was a strong ass smell. The stitching on the jacket had a lot of loose threads but that doesn’t bother me to much for the price. I just cut them off. The stitching on the top though. That really bothers me, especially on the palm. Instead of the stitching going around the palm tree to keep it in place it goes in the zig zaggy manner. Like a star. My GCSE textilles teacher would not accept it even at that level. I guess I am too bougie because of my textiles education. I care about the small details and I wish I wasn’t aware of the details but I am. I think it is nice sometimes to buy clothes and not care if I ruin them, like festivals or trend pieces. That is what I would recommend Romwe for. Events that you don’t want to bring your Alexander Wang tees and Levi shorts.

What has been your experience with Romwe?

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