Welcome to theStyleventure! Founded in 2013, UK, Monika and her husband Maciej pour out their passion for creativeness on this blog.  As a young wife, traveler and blogger, Monika shows to her readers how to stay organised and fashionable leading a busy life. She wants to empower women to follow their dreams no matter their age or background.


Currently they both live in beautiful Norway getting inspired by the nature and Scandinavian style.


“A combination of words style and adventure is what theStyleventure is.”


Our mission

This blog is all about YOU! I created this space to empower you, inspire you and share some of our life’s difficulties together too! I want you to know that it is ok to care for your external beauty as long as you have the right values and it is ok to be successful and to lead an extraordinary life. Also I want to let you know that it is ok to feel beautiful and worthy without being vain or proud. Humility doesn’t mean thinking less of yourself but it means thinking of yourself less often. I want to fight insecurity that holds so many of us back and encourage you to keep going. After all our creator gave us all individual talents so that we can use them to encourage one another and to step out of the mold that the world tries to put us in. I want us all to enjoy the wonderful beauty that surrounds us each day and to take an inspiration from God’s creation.