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Black sweater dress

Hi my lovelies!

This week is a new one. I feel that recently the weeks just go by faster and faster. I suddenly realise that I haven’t made changes in my life that I wanted to make. This week I really have to focus and set up a plan. There is nothing worse than let life pass us by and feel like we haven’t done anything with the time given to us.

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Scandinavian beauty brands you should know: Swiss Clinic

Hi my lovelies! Have you ever heard about this brand? Swiss Clinic. I was pretty lucky to receive a lot of products from their new range in a PR package. When I received it I had an idea. I want to review Scandinavian beauty brands and tell you which ones to look out for. At the moment I have two other brands lined up to review. If you have any requests please leave a comment! I myself couldn’t find a lot of information about these brands in English so I…

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Pink Tee

Hi my friends,

I am back to the blog after a wonderful weekend. M., me and my childhood friend went to the beach to sit by the fire while watching the sunset. It was so spectacular.

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Corset trend

A trend is a trend but will you wear it? For me this trend is fun but I still haven’t purchased mine. You may ask why… Well, just a thought of wearing a corset is challenging in way for me because in the past we, as women wanted to be able to wear clothes like we are able to wear today.

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Black sweater dress

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